Marco’s practice spans several mediums such as painting, filmmaking, performance and poetry. Born in New York City, raised in France, Marco Villard is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. Villard's work is firmly rooted in symbolism and evokes a meaningful sense of play. Paintings often portray nonsensical figures and animals, accompanied by a rich contrasting color palette, a defining feature of Villard's work and stylistic choice that is uniquely informed by his color blindness. Villard's oeuvre gives way to a compromise between free-flowing constitutions and art historical structures. Villard’s work exists outside the bounds of our contemporary technological society, utilizing mythical forms, overstated compositions, and humanist themes to create new dimensions, allowing viewers to gain from the intimately conveyed motifs of shared human experiences, such as childhood, loneliness, birth, and death.

- Victoria McClure (2022)



Visionary Projects group show, New York City, USA
June 2024

Angels, John Marchant Gallery, solo exhibition, Brighton England
March 2024

Ancestor’s chatter , The house from the story I,  group exhibition, Lobster Club, Los Angeles, USA, curated by Maja Dlugolecki 
November 2023

Ancestor’s chatter,  Alkinois Gallery,  Art Athina 2023, Athens, Greece,
Exhibition curated by Alix Janta and Romain Bitton
September 2023

Stories About A Whispering Prince, Alkinois Gallery, Athens, Greece
Solo exhibition Curated by Alix Janta and Romain Bitton
March 2023

PAINTINGS, 379 Broome Street, New York City, USA
Solo exhibition
November 2022

THE PATRIOT, group exhibition, OfLaherty’s Gallery, New Yok City, USA

July 2022

Apollo’s Birds, Solo exhibition, 379 Broome Street, New York City, USA
December 2021

I Always Thought I Could Remember That Day, 171 Elizabeth Street, New York City, USA
Solo exhibition in partnership with Terasse Bleue colllective
September 2019

Art on A Gallery, The Wendingo annual Show, New York City, USA
June 2017

Selected other works:

Marco will appear as Donalbain and the second murderer in a new production of Macbeth, directed by Alec Baldwin and Geoffrey Horne, Shakespeare Downtown, New York City. June 2024

Marco is currently in the production of his feature film “ Fever”, to be released in 2025.

Recently finished filming on  Michael Cong’s feature film Midnight Sun, produced by Manran studio, playing supporting character “ Jean” (2024).

Why Does This Still Hurt, music video directed and produced with Dodgedidjit (2023).

I Always Thought I could Remembered That Day, Poetry book, printed by Ki Smith Gallery and sold at The Face Magazine Apartment (2019)

RED, performance co- written and performed with artist Ramiro Batista in Paris (2019) and N.Y.C (2019)

Yesterday Was Better (2019), short film previewed at the 2020 New Filmmaker Festival NYC

Remembering Pollock (2020), short documentary following the making of an homage painting created within the actual’s former west village loft