video : shot on super 8 mm by Michael Kong

Written & performed by Marco Villard and Ramiro Batista, RED is a journey, a conversation, an invitation to the hazy world between memories and dreams.

Marco and Ramiro met at the Lee Strasberg Theater and film Institute , New York City, where they studied together with celebrated teacher and actor Geoffrey Horne. Together, they performed in numerous plays with New York theater company Shakespeare Downtown.

It is in 2019 that the pair decided to write RED. Blurring the lines between interactive performance and theater, the show was only performed in Gallery spaces, where the audience was in direct interaction with the actors. RED was perfomed in Paris in April 2019 and in New York City in September 2019.

Paris, April. 2019, Gallery Chappe,  4 Rue Andre Barsacq

New York, September 2019, 171 Elizabeth Street